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Our story in a nutshell

Mauro Spina with wife and dog
Mauro, his wife Snaiga – and Tina, one of their dogs

When I founded Spina Organics together with my wife Snaiga, I had an extensive experience of care products for pets, and, as a rather well-known hair stylist in Beverly Hills, an even more ex­tensive experience of care products for humans.

Our goal was simple: to produce the best, all-natural range of pet care products anywhere, and to base Spina Organics on our unique heritage. This is why our products combine the healthy, nature-loving, active lifestyle of California with my deep knowledge of the many virtues of plants and botanical extracts.

In my childhood, in a small village of Puglia, in Southern Italy, my grandmother, Sabina Rinelli, patiently taught me to make the most of all what nature has to offer. With Spina Organics, her legacy lives on.

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Mauro Spina



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Inspired by California

Here in Southern California, we are inno­vative, we like it healthy, we insist on natural, cruelty-free products, we favor organic foods, and for ourselves just as for our pets, we take it from Oscar Wilde: we have the simplest tastes – we are always satisfied with the best.

This is what inspires us to use only the finest vegan ingredients, botanical extracts and essential oils from all over the world, to develop truly exceptional pet care products.

"You'll see it, they'll feel it". Our products leave a dog's coat supple, lustrous and beautifully soft. This is what you will enjoy. And in contributing to the skin and fur's health, they will make your dog very, very happy, too.

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What you will find in our products

Spina Organics Products

Developing pet care products presents many choices — we make the natural ones. For each of our products, Mauro Spina has expertly put together, evaluated and fine-tuned a unique, gentle blend of vegan ingredients with cleansing, refreshing and soothing properties. They are complemented by extracts which will enhance the natural beauty, health and shine of your dog's coat.

… and what you won't — ever

Our product are 100 % free of synthetic dyes, sulfates, paraben, phtalates, triclosan, pheno­xy­ethanol, polyethylene glycol, retinil palmitate, dimethicone, chlorides, quaternium-15 and potassium sorbate.

Let's get in touch

Spina Organics • 421 N Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills
CA 90210, USA
(310) 713-32 23

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